denationalize de‧na‧tion‧al‧ize [diː'næʆnəlaɪz] also denationalise verb [transitive]
to sell a business or industry that is owned by the state, so that it is owned privately; = PRIVATIZE:

• There was no attempt to denationalize the giant state monopolies.

• denationalized companies

— denationalization also denationalisation noun [uncountable] :

• the denationalization of British Rail

* * *

denationalize UK US (UK ALSO denationalise) /ˌdiːˈnæʃnəlaɪz/ verb [T] ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT
to sell a government organization so that it becomes a company: »

The first attempt to denationalize the national telecoms company had failed.

Compare NATIONALIZE(Cf. ↑nationalize), PRIVATIZE(Cf. ↑privatize)

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